Personal Injury Law Firm in Jackson Heights, NY

Personal Injury Lawyers in Jackson Heights, NY

Personal Injury Law Firm in Jackson Heights, NY

You will find the best personal injury lawyers in Jackson Heights at Abrams & Associates, P.C.. We approach every client’s situation and case from a unique perspective, as we understand that no two cases are identical. We are proud to always be effective yet efficient in meeting our client’s needs. 

Many of our clients turn to us searching for personal injury attorneys, but we also handle other types of personal injury cases. We are skilled construction accident lawyers and slip-and-fall lawyers.

In addition to personal injury claims, we offer Jackson Heights, New York services as business and real estate attorneys. In either of those cases, we guide you through all of the legal processes you need, ensuring you remain compliant. 

Jackson Heights Personal Injury Lawyers

When you hire Abrams & Associates, P.C. you can take advantage of all our knowledge and experience. We have served as Jackson personal injury lawyers for years. That is on top of our extensive training to become lawyers and pass the bar exam. 

This means that you can count on us to know the ins and outs of the various processes. After all, the best personal injury attorney doesn’t just track deadlines and fill out paperwork for you. They also provide guidance based on best practices and experience. 

Our combination of knowledge and experience also means that we have both book smarts and practical experience in cases similar to yours. This gives you a distinct advantage in every aspect of the process. This includes filing paperwork, making strong arguments, and accurately estimating damages to ensure you get full and fair compensation. 

We Handle a Variety of Cases for Personal Injury Victims

At Abrams & Associates, P.C., we don’t limit the scope of our personal injury lawyer services. If you’ve sustained personal injuries due to someone else’s negligence, we can help.

We gladly assist with a range of cases, including: 

  • Construction accident
  • Motor vehicle accident
  • Bicycle accident
  • Motorcycle accident
  • Premises liability
  • Slip and fall
  • Wrongful death 
  • Medical malpractice

Our experience spans all of these scenarios. Regardless of your personal injury claim, we have the expertise and experience to ensure the process goes smoothly. 

We Ensure You Have the Latest Updates

Part of our services as experienced personal injury attorneys is ensuring that you have access to the latest information regarding your case. We will reach out to you via your preferred contact method with all of the important updates along the way.

We will also not waste your time with information that isn’t relevant to you or the outcome of the personal injury case. 

You Choose the Communication Level

You Choose the Communication Level

Of course, we understand that everyone prefers a different level of communication. That is why we ensure that our lawyers are accessible and someone on our team is ready to answer your questions.

We encourage all of our clients to reach out to us anytime you have a question or doubt about your personal injury lawsuit. We want you to know what’s going on, but we don’t want to overwhelm you with minor details. Feel free to contact us to ask about your case if you haven’t had an update in a while.

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